Workshops & Events

I am available for hiring stalls at events and running workshops on creative recycling for adults and children. I also develop tailored sessions on specific topics on request.
Sessions cover a short explanation of the environmental impact of the waste that I will use and/or practical activities to create recycled items.


To book workshops, events or ask information contact me:
    Tel: 07514008460

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List of available Workshops:

Each session includes an introduction about the material and the environmental issues linked to it (Power Point or laminated sheets) and hands-on craft activities:

1) Toilet Paper Rolls -> Farm Animals &/or Candy Shakers (children)
2) Toilet Paper Rolls -> Pencil cases

3) Newspaper -> Picture Frame

4) Plastic Containers -> Hanging Storage
5) Plastic Bags -> Carpets, Baskets, Pursues


5) Tetrapack Packaging -> Wallets
6) Tetrapack Packaging -> Placemats & Coasters
7) Tetrapack Packaging -> Shopping Bags
8) Tetrapack Packaging -> Pochettes and/or Suitcases

8) Alluminium Cans -> Candle Pots/Ashtray/Pencil Pots (only adults and young people)

9) Glass Painted Bottles

10) Skilll-Share Talk (PPP) on “Ecovillages and Intentional Communities” (only adults)

Past events and workshops: