I am an environmentalist engaged in behavioral change and education to sustainability.
As a child, I used to be very creative with my games and do things myself. Some years ago I started having fun with…rubbish!
I learnt to recycle waste in creative ways, matching my creativity and hands’ skills with my allergy for consumerism and waste accumulation.
In between an hobby and an activity, I try to transmit these ideas to people in workshops and events in order to spread a healthy attitude towards the environment.
I sell my eco-design products showing how I made them and teaching how to re-use things and save waste, recovering a more harmonic relationship with nature and our creativity!


My craft

All my craft items come from rescued waste material. I mainly use:

  • Tetra-pack
  • Aluminium
  • Paper
  • Plastic

See Craft Items section to know more.
Each material has an impact on the environment. Recycling is a very good practice to limit our footprint. Reducing waste, reusing and upcycling is event better!

Write me to order your personalised creation!








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