CatiCreACtive is part of WeClustr

Sylvie from WeClustr, an online community of artists, craft-people and creatives found me and asked me to join her network telling my story.
WeClustr is about stories of people who decide to fight to build their own way and realize the true self, although this means so much efforts against the mainstream labor-market and the conformist lifestyle that wants you as it is useful to the current society, generally compromising what you like for money, career, image or other “selves” that the external world projects and imposes.

…I think we all have a seed inside of us when we are a child. If you manage to discover the one that is for you, you water it, take care of it, it will flourish; and the flower would be so unique that it wouldn’t look the same as everyone else’s. If you stay true to it, no matter how it turns out, no matter what mistakes you made along the way, at the end of the day, you could say, it was my life and I lived it. Now that I am building up my own path, I take whatever I can find along the way, simply considering whether it is something that allows me to develop further. Money is always secondary. This can be problematic especially when living in a city like London, but I’m happy to live with very little.”

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