The Revolution of the Cultural Creatives

” A growing segment of Western population is transforming mainstream culture through their ability to synthesize vast amounts of information, make counter-culture choices for sustainability and wellness, and ultimately bring forward a missing but critically needed worldview for 21st century living: practical wisdom, called PHRONESIS in the ancient world.

Have you ever experienced a deep connection with someone you didn’t know very well, finding out that you shared a certain sensitiveness to global issues and a certain mix of frustration, hope and idealism that would lead to creating new ideas on “how to change the world”?
To me it has happened several times, and I felt so excited and supported by the emotion of not being alone with my idealism and my attempt to give sense to my life through doing something good for the planet, realising my creative inclinations and intuition.

Cultural Creatives are all around, a growing community ready to nurture hope and change for a better future and a world that walks towards Utopia, a world that maybe will never exist, but that can be for sure better than the current one.

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Cultural Creatives are creative and sensitive people with the will to use their skills and awareness for global wellbeing. They are everywhere and share similar worldviews even without ever meeting each other. They feel a kind of global consciousness that maybe will be shared by everyone in the future.

 There is a very important distinction here that we need to make and that is the difference between a movement, say the labor movement, the civil rights movement, or various political movements whose objective is to gain power, change the laws, get a better working wage with benefits.  But there is a second kind of movement and that is a consciousness movement.  Anything that is holistic, having to do with wellness, natural healing, organic food, and so on, is a part of the consciousness movement.”
It is not a revolution that will change things, but a progressive transition that proposes an alternative model to the current, and that will slowly replace. There is no fight, no violence, but curious sperimentation and introduction of innovation across the existing structure, beyond the old, partial, idealistic opposition between capitalism and socialism.

“What is going on here is that you have an inner unmet need.  People who are more intuitive know this.  You get the impression from the news media that intuitives couldn’t be more than 10 percent of the population.  But they are about 40 percent of the population.  The ones who feel an inner pressure to have a more meaningful life and are good at making syntheses and perceiving larger patterns are typically the people who become the core group of the Cultural Creatives, the natural opinion leaders.

“So, slowly over a number of years we were beginning to build a picture that showed people who were the best informed and were trying to put together a better picture of the world around them than they were fed from the media with their fragmented factoids. They were often pretty good with social intelligence.  That is, they lead in the service to larger purposes: the whole planet, to life, to the future, and acting in socially responsible ways. They were concerned about women’s movement, environmental movement, alternative health care, organic food, civil rights, native people’s concerns, planetary concern, and developing themselves over their entire lifetime and not just freezing themselves into one way of life in their twenties.  Instead they kept redeveloping and trying new things, experimenting with their own lives.” (cit. Paul Ray, Social Scientist)

Excellent documentary on cultural creatives, change and global awareness. I really suggest you to watch and share! So, so inspiring and beautiful! 🙂

Read more on Cultural Creatives here (from this article all the quotations above)


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