Permaculture, a new complete and hopeful perspective

Permaculture, abbreviation for “permanent agriculture”,is a paradigm developed in the 70s, which considers the need of building a cooperative relationship between human being and nature, in order to preserve life and ecosystems.
It is not a science,but an integration of many sectors of knowledge, that are involved in designing habitats that respect certain values such as environmental protection and regeneration, organic food production, biodiversity preservation, spiritual connection with the earth, health, community development, local self-sufficiency, renewable energy, equality, creativity and harmony with nature.

See  and permaculture impact explained: Immagine.png
Permaculture is a way of living not limited to agriculture but enhancing a whole philosophy. It is a movement that can change the world if diffused and applied by the majority. It is about design, gardening, food, wellbeing, economy, community and much more.

Pemaculture is spreading around the world through education. It is transforming and recovering many lost and ruined lands, especially in not industrialised countries that need to find an alternative model to the capitalist and consumerist development that Western countries experienced.

Many intentional communities and ecovillages have embraced permaculture principles and are leading social experiments that offer a different lifestyle from the urbanised and consumeristic one. They promote sustainable living, reconnection with nature, reciprocal and harmonic relationship with it, organic own food growing, green and natural building, renewable energy production, local economy support, shared and solidarity economy platforms, personal and community development, direct democracy, equality, non-hierarchical structures and consensus-decision-making processes.

Discover more on permaculture and community building in the video (35′):


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