How Cuba survived the peak oil: the strenght of community

The more I enrich my knowledge on sustainability and environmental issues the more I discover how much potential we have as global community to deal well with the future challenges this crisis will bring. I am optimistic, and everybody would be so if he knew how many good ideas, good hearts and tools are already out there, ready to use to make a better world!

This video (50′) shows one of the few existing examples of social experiments that successfully embraced and dealt with the peak oil challenge. Cuba re-built itself investing first of all in the community and reinventing the economy.
They achieved an almost self-sufficient condition for energy and food production, by adopting sustainable solutions. Abandouning consumeristic lifestyles and recovering the local dimension of community building, cooperation and respect of nature. They are able to produce almost everything for their nutrition, they shifted the dyet to vegetarian tendency and get 80% of their garden production organic.
I am amazed of the incredible transition the country walked through.

Thi is an example that could be repeated and that just shows that we can do it! For necessity or will.

Be part  of it 🙂


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