How Cuba survived the peak oil: the strenght of community

The more I enrich my knowledge on sustainability and environmental issues the more I discover how much potential we have as global community to deal well with the future challenges this crisis will bring. I am optimistic, and everybody would be so if he knew how many good ideas, good hearts and tools are already out … More How Cuba survived the peak oil: the strenght of community

Hope in a Changing Climate

This is an incredible example of desert land restauration: the Chinese Loess Plateau (a massive land covering north/central China) and Ethiopia’s region are totally converted to fertil forest from arid desert through the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP), that engages permaculture and soil recovery. We can push back climate change and land desertification. “Hope in … More Hope in a Changing Climate

Complementary techniques of sustainable agriculture

t Industrial mass agriculture has produced some of the gravest damages to our ecosystems…we know that. However the good news is that there are several alternative methods of food production that are not just sustainable, but also regenerative. They keep the health of the ecosystem and work ro restore what has been lost and damaged. … More Complementary techniques of sustainable agriculture