“Political change will only happen when large numbers of people practice what they believe in. When there is a big enough groundswell of opinion and enough action, then governments will be forced to bring in laws and structural transformations.”
Satish Kumar, ‘Being the Change’, 2003.


Living in harmony with nature should be an essential condition for every living being. We were able to destroy the harmony that humans used to have with the environment in only few centuries of “development”.
It’s time to re-think who we are and what is our role on this planet!
I adopt a sustainabille lifestyle as much as possible in my daily routine. Just if each individual will become aware of his impact and start modifying his habits to reduce it, can we hope to preserve a decent world for future generations.

I work within Education to Sustainability, Behavioural Change and Community Development sectors, because I believe the only way to change is educating and empowering people, developing awareness and responsibility, empathy and compassion.


Creative recycling and eco-design are a way to promote sustainable habits that allows to recover and reuse waste ( reducing the amount of rubbish or at least extending the life of some of it) and train the creativity inside us with very easy techniques.

Hands-on practical activities are often therapeutic and relaxing, to me they are like a meditation.
The benefits of creating things with your own hands are multiple and have positive impact on yourself and the environment too.
Also, practical activities are very good support for theoretical concepts to learn, especially related to ecology. Making recycling paper for real is much more effective than just explaining what is the process to it or what is the impact of wasted paper on forests.

Creative recycling matches together a bit of design skills, environmental knowledge, individual creativity and social commitment…but especially it’s fun!


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